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Training: An overview

Critical Training for a Challenging and Exciting Future!

Completion of the human genome signified a step change in life sciences from the consideration of biological components in isolation to approaches that attempt to profile global change and provide the base for true systems biology. Technical developments such as molecular genetics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics provide the analytical base to support this advance but demand novel statistical and computational skills. In this post-genomic era, bioinformatics is rapidly developing and it is essential that current and future researchers learn the most up-to-date applications and approaches. Post-genomic applications demand a level of informatic skill beyond that previously employed in biosciences. There is a shortage of individuals with the necessary multidisciplinary training to meet this demand but the availability of such individuals will be critical to future understanding/interpretation of the large amounts of available data.

The BB Unit aims to provide the training to meet this demand.

Annotation of the substantial quantity of genetic information being generated demands novel computational algorithms and database. Developement of new statistical methods afor the identification and estimation of the contributions of genetic and environmental factors to biological variations (for example, disease developement)

Variable Training!

The Unit has established adaptable postgraduate courses delivering training at a variety of levels. The courses are made up of individual modules which are combined to permit the study of either Bioinformatics or Bioinformatics and Genetic Epidemiology. Students will also have the option of carrying out an original piece of research within the specialist area in which they wish to pursue their career thus producing individuals ideally placed to progress into advanced bioinformatic/bioanalytical positions in academic or industrial environments. Successful completion of the relevant sections of the course will result in the award of the postgraduate qualification of Masters, Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate.

Individual modules will be made available to those in full time employment for "top-up" training thus supporting continued professional development for current researchers.


Training for Who?

We recognise the added value of training interested graduates from a range of backgrounds to produce potential researchers with a high level of expertise. Our aim is to enable students from mathematical, statistical, computational, bioscience or industrial backgrounds to develop the appropriate complementary skills to provide them with the multidisciplinary bioinformatics skill set required to work effectively in the post-genomic era.

Multidisciplinary Training provided by a Multidisciplinary Team!

Training is provided by members of the Unit in addition to research staff from a number of Schools within Cardiff University including Computing and Bioscience. The Training Team brings together a core of research staff who are experts in critical aspects of Bioinformatics and Genetic Epidemiology.


DNA organisation diagram

The Unit is also affiliated to the Wales Gene Park.

The research and practical activities of such a strong collaborative base will provide the strength and flexibility to ensure the provision of high quality training.

More details about What is bioinformatics? Why do our course? What do you need to know before you start the course? What we will teach you? and Where will you go with your Masters degree? Can be found on our

Information Sheet

The training courses commence every year in September/October. For further enquiries please contact Mrs Jan Chatting or Dr Paul Buckland.


Mrs Jan Chatting
BBU Course Administrator
Department of Psychological Medicine & Neurology
Cardiff University, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4XN
029-2074 4807


Paul Buckland

Dr Paul Buckland
MSc Course Director
Department of Psychological Medicine & Neurology
Cardiff University, College of Medicine
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